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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a good quality and healthy lawn. Mowing increases density, which provides a better defense against weeds. Mowing can determine the success or failure of a lawn.

Cutting Height

The height is determined by the growth and the leaf width, I think it's mostly on how much your grass grows. If your grass grows horizontally, it can be cut shorter than if it grows upright. Narrow blades of grass can be cut lower and grasses with wide blades should be cut higher. Although if you have Bahia grass this would not apply, Bahia grass need to be cut at higher heights because of the open upright growth habit. If you cut to short you will notice a scalping effect on your lawn, which I call burning the lawn, this can produce long term damage to the lawn. Mowing height also influences rooting depth. Mowing below the recommended heights can cause your lawn to eventually die off.

Clipping Removal

Never remove the grass clippings. The clippings hold the lawns nutrients and water that you have spent so much time to put down.

Ok so that's it, hope you learned something here, please comment and follow this blog to read the new blogs that I post. thanks again for reading.

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  1. great information, a great lawn takes a lot of work

  2. very helpful information thanks for sharing it. You are doing great job Keep it up....

  3. The DH is mowing the lawn as we speak! So is it still OK to take some of the clippings to the compost?

  4. Awesome, I'm sure everyone's mowed a lawn before sometime in their life. Well, at least most people. I've mowed my parents, grandparents, and other people's lawns.

    I use to work for a guy up in Toronto who was a professional lawn service guy. Not only did we mow the lawns, we even put down a few new lawns for a couple people.

    I enjoy mowing lawns, because you don't have to deal with the stress of a manager breathing down your neck :P

  5. Thanks for this tips about lawn Pat.. Keep it up!

  6. Great tips. I can walk the lawn mower around and have good leg exercise as well. LOL! Good work, friend!