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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Drought Season!!

I know there is no such thing as a drought season, but it sure does seem like a season because it lasts so long. Instead of competing with nature why don't you try to go with the flow so to speak. Isn't it funny how a state that is almost surrounded by water has water shortages, how could this be? The fact is that everyone here in Florida are taking more water from the aquifer than mother nature is putting on the ground. So what happens next is sink holes and salt water intrusion.

When planning your landscape keep in mind that grasses are the most water demanding component. There are ways to save water. One way would be to plant drought tolerant plants, here is a list pulled off line..
asparagus fern
rose of sharon
all cacti
bottle brush
japanese honeysuckle
sable palm

These are just a few, and you can find more just by doing a search online. Another way to save water would be to put in a drip system for your plants, this puts the water exactly where it's needed. This system is inexpensive and easy to install. Rainwater sensors, that are put on your sprinkler system is another way. These sensors will keep your system from turning on if there has been a lot of rain fall. Plant a shade trees which help retain soil moisture. How about running your sprinklers  early in the day before the heat, less water is going to be lost to evaporation, more is going to get to the roots. One other method would be to use chemicals, but I would not recommend this because you could cause a fungus on your lawn from to much moisture.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the drought here in Florida. Please comment. Thank you for reading.
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  1. Excellent article about drought season. I live in Tampa (Oldsmar). Keep posting.

  2. Thanks for written this beautiful article..... keep it up!

  3. I live in Cocoa,Fl near the Space Center. We lost most of our yard last winter due to the cold.

    Been here all my life and can't say I've seen anything like it.

    Anyway the yard is back now … green and beautiful.

    All the best - Maxi

  4. Good article on planting drought resistant species. I like your blog, lots of interactive features on the sidebars.

  5. Disease is caused when the normal growth of the Lawn is disrupted because of its interactions with pathogens like fungus. The pathogen comes from the environment and hinders the growth of turf grass. Diseases generally occur where the environment is floods with pathogens. Moreover the plants which are more stressed are prone to disease as compared to unstressed plants.